Make America Toxic Again

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I am for saving endangered species, wildlife and the environment and that is by definition; the anti-trump! People need to start taking a stand for what they believe in! Trump has worked to open the protected Arctic wildlife refuge for oil drilling, acted to lift protections on endangered species such as wolves and giraffes, appointed a coal lobbyist as head of the republican created EPA, mandated cars be LESS fuel efficient (increasing our dependence on oil) and proposed legal polluting and dumping of chemical waste into drinking water. It costs companies money to dispose of waste properly. No doubt it will save Trump thousands when he is a civilian again, if he can just legally dump waste into the ground like PG&E Hinkley did.

Everything Trump has done while in office, has been to personally save or make himself money. So if you want a world full of wonder, with diverse species and wildlife for your children, with clean breathable air…..that means not making the same mistakes in 2020….that we did in 2016. Make sure to register to vote! Help Earthjustice fight these drastically permanent changes Trump is hoping to inflict on our endangered species, wildlife, the environment and our drinking water.

If the only reason you voted for him was a wall, it is just his metaphorical carrot and he is the stick. He led his fanatics with a stick and a carrot, not to lush water but a barren smog ridden wasteland. If he was serious about building the wall, he would have put it through back when Republicans held the majority in both houses, but he did not.

He hit an all time low for a politician and took advantage of the profound prejudice and hate in this country. He used it to get the vote and get in office, so he would be free to pursue his real agendas; lowering taxes for the super wealthy only a.k.a. himself and making pollution legal by lifting environmental protections on protected land, animals and drinking water. His own advisors are telling him something needs done about climate change. But he cannot acknowledge their findings, even though he knows they are correct, because it would get in the way of his most important mission… Make America Toxic Again!

Help Block the Trump Agenda. The NDRC is joining the fight!
The Trump administration’s assault on our environment and health is unlike any threat we’ve ever faced.