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Save Orcas: Plastic in our oceans is a huge problem. Billions of pounds of plastics and trash, pollute our oceans every year and the culmination of these years…..is resulting in excessive and harmful build up that is threatening the future of the ocean itself! Between the billions of pounds of plastics dumped in what should be fertile coral reefs and Trump rolling out pollution and rolling back the protections granted by the marine mammal act and trying to rid the world of marine monuments and refuge areas so there isn’t a single place in the world his companies can’t pollute; the outlook is bleak.

But Oceana if you follow our posts, is working to combat these mounting problems and so is 4Ocean. 4Ocean’s sole mission and job is to pick up plastic from the ocean. To date, they have picked up 4 million pounds of trash from the Ocean and yet they still have only scratched the surface, because 16 BILLION pounds is added each year. So there is still much work to be done! This month only you can purchase their Orca bracelet for only $20. This $20 will support picking up one pound of trash out of the ocean and go to help the Orca Conservancy, which protects endangered killer whales, such as the Right Whale. Save Orcas! Visit https://4ocean.com/products/orca-bracelet to get your bracelet today!

Write your local Congressman today and let them know that you do not support the roll back of the marine mammal protection act and the desecration of marine monuments! #BreakFreeFromThePlasticPledge, #4Ocean, #4Orcas