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Save Marine Mammals! Tell your member of Congress to #DefendMarineMammals by rejecting legislation that would weaken the Marine Mammal Protection Act, allowing for pollution in the last few places not traumatized by the 16 billion pounds of trash added to the ocean each year! And yet, Trump supports more pollution, in more places and aims to end Marine Mammal Protection and Marine Monuments and areas of refuge. Only Accomplishment to Date: Making America Toxic Again. https://bit.ly/2VR8zPb.

Please write your local congressman today! Make it hard for them not to care and remind them of the lasting damage they could permanently do to our environment and the world, if they don’t fight to save the last truly majestic and mesmerizing parts of it! Persistence is key and the only way anything gets accomplished in a bureaucracy! Don’t just mail one letter, mail twenty! Make them vote out of conscious and not fear of reprisal or job loss, if they do not go along with whatever ludicrous agenda happens to be on the docket! #DefendMarineMammals