The Dale Gribble Amazon Equation & The Permanent Eradication of the American Worker

The Dale Gribble Amazon Equation & The Permanent Eradication of the American Worker: Most of us our familiar with the popular 90s show King of the Hill. The character Dale Gribble played the uneducated outlandish conspiracy theorist buffoon. I loved this show. I thought it was funny and it was at the time. It was funny because the Dale Gribbles were few and far between and so you could whole heartedly laugh at his crazy antics. Today however, we have managed to digress and the Dale Gribbles of this world are far more prevalent than the grounded Hank Hill’s. It is no longer a joke but a stark and completely unfunny reality. These Dale Gribbles who buy into and perpetuate fake news are so concerned with their wall and other hateful pipe dreams that Trump has absolutely no intention of fulfilling, that they do not see the impending doom before them.

Trump has his Gribble constituents transfixed on a wall he never intends to build. If he did intend to build it, he would have put a reasonable proposal through when the Republicans had control of both houses. But he doesn’t intend to build the wall. The wall is just the carrot and he is the stick. He is a true illusionist, misdirecting MOST people’s attention from the impending doom and the return to mass poverty, unemployment, poor working conditions and low wages. A return to the days of the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s of the world, owning most the power and wealth and exploiting that to the fullest extent.

This time however the names will be Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos and a change of law or break up of a monopoly won’t change things. It won’t change things because most jobs will be overseas and what jobs are here, will be automated. The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, at the same time as Amazon is poised to put every brick and mortar store out of business (by selling to break even and not paying taxes) is going to permanently and irreparably harm the American economy. There will be no jobs. The Trump’s and Bezos’s of the world, as in the days of old, will own most of the wealth and this time an employee strike will have no effect, as the employees will be bought and paid for machines. There will be no bringing back to life the companies put out of business by Amazon selling for growth and not profit. There will be no bringing back all the jobs outsourced overseas by the “fat cats”. There will be no reverting back to the era of the human worker, once we allow their displacement. That is why something needs done now, before it is too late.

There needs to be a change in law now before every truck driver, factory worker and retail store employee is put out on the streets and put out of a job. There needs to be a change in law now before Jeff Bezos puts every company in America out of business, by selling for growth and not a profit. He is deliberately trying to put his competitors out of business and once he does, he will raise the prices of his products to fit a for profit and not a break even paradigm.

There are two great examples of the morality of Jeff Bezos, or lack thereof. First, before Amazon was huge they participated in a program called iGive that donated over 1% of all sales to charity. They no longer participate in that program, as they no longer have the need to drum up customers. They do have a mediocre substitute at best where they donate a mere half a percent, of select purchases to charity. But very few purchases qualify.

Secondly, a simple call to Amazon customer service will reveal they have already outsourced every job possible. They have only kept the bare minimum number of jobs in the United States. These jobs are factory workers and delivery personnel. But even this will soon change as they are presently working to replace these workers as well. They are looking to automate their factories and replace their delivery drivers with flying drones.

In short, the largest company in America is looking for a select few to control all of the wealth, while offering no jobs to the many whatsoever. To achieve that end Jeff Bezos is currently trying to put all physical stores that do hire people in America, out of business.

The Dale Gribbles of the world are so blinded by their hate, that they are ignoring the real issues and the real problems. I am afraid by the time they wake up, if they wake up at all, that it will be too late to do anything about it. We need to act now. We need to make sure to get a President in office, who doesn’t want to be the next Rockefeller, but actually puts the country first and not his own personal financial aspirations.

Everything Trump has done while in office has been to either save or make himself money. Cutting taxes for the super wealthy only, constitutes large savings for Trump. The disbanding of the EPA and environmental protections, ensures Trump can pollute anywhere from our drinking water to protected wildlife areas with endangered species as inhabitants, again saving him money. It is more expensive for his companies to dispose of harmful chemicals and pollutants properly. He would rather dump them in the water like PG&E Hinkley and have the laws to back it up that make it legal for him to poison people and animals. In all this time, those are the ONLY things Trump has accomplished, if you do not have a soul and can even call those things accomplishments. Nothing is sacred to Trump, less his personal fortune.

It is very likely that the day is coming where Amazon will put all brick and mortar stores out of business and the few jobs that do exist, will be automated or outsourced. Immigrants aren’t the problem. The Trump’s and Bezos’s of the world trying to eliminate the need to hire and pay anyone at all, is the REAL problem. Almost all jobs in the entire country are at risk of being outsourced or automated; truck drivers, uber drivers, cab drivers, factory workers, retail store employees and anyone employed by a company who has mostly brick and mortar locations. That is a huge chunk of the populous!

Unfortunately, I think hate and ignorance will be the prevailing theme in America until it is too late and as a result we will see a collapse in the economy and jobs that we will never recover from. But you can fight and spread the word. Support a diverse array of businesses. Cut down on Amazon purchases and spending. Most importantly, elect politicians who aren’t afraid to fight big business, on the permanent and absolute eradication of the American worker!!!!