Are You A Chicken?

If you are what you eat, are you a chicken? I hope not. I am definitely not a chicken. I will not even let my two dogs eat chicken…including so called free range chicken. Modern industrial farming practices are deplorable for all animals, but chickens especially. Even the so called free range chickens are kept in conditions that would ruin your appetite for life. When we hear free range, we picture chickens strolling around on the prairie, eating grass and insects. Unfortunately, free range only means they are not kept in cages, 30 to a cage. Instead they are housed in a large indoor area, with no room to move and thousands to one area. Because the conditions are so unsanitary, because the chickens cannot move…they are stuck in their own feces all day…diseased and dying….feathers falling off. To combat these untenable conditions, the farmers pump them full of antibiotics in an attempt to keep them alive and growth hormone…to try to fatten them up….despite the fact that they are wasting away and dying. We in turn eat those chickens and everything they put into them.

Unfortunately, growth hormone and antibiotics aren’t the only thing we are putting into our system. Because the chickens are so unhealthy, they have extremely high levels of Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 acids have been attributed to everything from heart disease and arthritis to dementia. The levels of Omega 6 in these chickens are so high, that no amount of fish oil, can even the playing field. Chickens also have no nutritional value anymore, no Vitamin D or vitamins and minerals. They are fed donut by products and they themselves are nutritionally deficient, so they cannot in turnw provide any nutritional value to us either….let alone our four legged friends. Our chicken is even banned in Europe, for all the unhealthy chemicals we put into it, including washing it down with chlorine! I know how hard it is, to avoid eating chicken. It is readily available everywhere and it is cheap. But there is a reason it is so cheap; there are absolute no benefits to eating it anymore but actually great health risks associated with its regular consumption.

There is another reason to cut down on meat and cut out chicken altogether; the environmental impact. The world has almost 10 billion people in it now. Meat is bad for the environment. Livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint. It contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degradation and deforestation. Nowhere is this impact more apparent than climate change! Livestock farming contributes a whopping 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. If we do not change our eating habits, we will literally be responsible for our own extinction and that of the planet as well. The time to act is now, before the damage is irrepairable!

One might try to argue, that meat is a necessary part of a healthy diet. Actually, that thinking is entirely dated and the contrary is actually true. On average vegetarians, live at least 8 years longer than their meat eating counterparts and lead much healthier lives! They do not have the weight problems meat eaters do, the cholesterol problems meat eaters do, the blood pressure problems meat eaters do, the heart disease meat eaters do, they are less likely to get cancer and on and on and on. Considering all the benefits there are to a vegetarian diet, it flat out shocks me that more people aren’t vegetarian. Unfortunately the world is taking a cue from us and eating McDonald’s for every meal instead of rice and vegetables.

The United States has the most advanced health care in the world and yet our average life expectancy isn’t any higher than places like India and China and in fact, is even lower than some third world countries. Our diet and lifestyle is killing us and the planet and the rest of the world seems to be following our ill advised lead. We need to be the ones to make the change for the better. The fate of the world is literally in our hands, as the City on the Hill. Don’t be a chicken. Don’t be any other type of animal really, but especially don’t be a chicken!

Above Pictures: “Free Range Chickens”