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Here at The Golden Leaf we believe that nutrition can not only be a gourmet dining experience, but taste delicious as well. Balsamic Vinegar has many health benefits. It has antimicrobial compounds, acetic acid and antioxidants. It can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also promote weight loss and healthy digestion. In addition to that, we put many healthy and nutritious foods in their own right into our balsamic vinegars such as roasted garlic, raspberries, blackberries, lemons and black cherries. We even have a few superfood flavors, for optimal holistic health and nutrition such as mangosteen, goji berry, mango, acai berry and our holistic superfood all in one balsamic which includes moringa turmeric, pumpkin, kale, chia seeds and Ceylon cinnamon. By far the most effective form of nutrition, is whole food nutrition. Vitamins and supplements are poor substitutes, to the many miraculous active compounds found in fruits and vegetables from around the world, that cannot be found anywhere else or effectively duplicated. Consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, has long been associated with a profound and reduced risk for developing many health conditions. At The Golden Leaf good nutrition also equals good taste. Our all natural and limited ingredients age with our balsamic vinegars, culminating in a final robust and distinctive flavor. In the end it is as much of a work of art, as it is a healthy and delectable old world addition to any meal!

Our pure balsamic is flavored with dehydrated whole fruit powders and whole spices. To ensure the balsamic ages well, it must be free of the water commonly found in many purees, juices and extracts. Without the water from the fruits and spices all of our balsamic vinegars are non perishable, with long shelf lives and do not require refrigeration. We believe that a superb balsamic is one that can be used in extreme moderation. As such, all of our balsamic vinegars are extremely thick and flavorful; allowing for sparing use without compromising flavor.

We also offer All Natural Cold Pressed Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Sicilian Extra Virgin Dipping Oils; made from the finest collection of hand picked olives and dehydrated spices. The real spices in our olive oils ensure a rich taste two months or two years from now. Often infused oils, without real spices lose their flavor over time. Our Golden Leaf olive oil however, only gets more robust and flavorful over time. As with our balsamic, there are many potential health benefits of a fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil. Our fresh olive oil is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols; which can help improve or can help treat a plethora of issues such as digestion, weight management, diabetes and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases; when used in moderation.

Not only are we concerned about your health and wellness, but the health and wellness of all the members of your family. To that end, we have developed Holly’s Holistic Health Boosting 8 in 1 Dog Supplement Topper, to help your furry friends achieve and maintain their optimal health and wellness. Unfortunately dog food companies are much more interested in making a hefty profit, than on your dog’s long term health. If that weren’t bad enough, the AAFCO, the regulatory body overseeing the health of these foods, is only focused on minimum requirements and only tests these dog foods for six months. So what you are feeding will be fine for six months or even several years, but eventually the long term deficiencies will result in chronic ailments, illnesses and diseases. The latest news in pet nutrition, is that the FDA has been getting in on the fake news business. They are trying to claim without the benefit of a controlled study or medical proof, that high meat and high vegetable foods are causing dilated cardiomyopathy or heart disease. However, the only medically proven fact is that Taurine deficiencies cause DCM. But instead of advertising the only medically and scientifically proven fact, they are trying to make an unsubstantiated claim based on supposition and loose correlation from an uncontrolled study. Most pet owners that can afford to and actually take their dog to the vet, also feed grain free food and not Ol’Roy. That is the whole basis for their findings; fueled by the big pet food companies who want nothing more than to go back to the days where they could charge $60 for a bag of unspecified animal fat, wheat gluten and corn fortified with unchelated vitamins and minerals (which is sadly all it takes for a dog food to be approved by the AAFCO). Fortunately, it seems that most people are seeing this exactly for what it is; a farce. With all this misinformation out there though, it is still easy to get confused; but let common sense prevail. A homemade diet is best; real whole food nutrition. If that is not possible; a meat based dog food with nutrition from real fruits and vegetables. But even then, the extrusion and drying process destroys a lot of that nutrition, which is why they add synthetic vitamins and minerals. However, their body cannot process this nutrition as efficiently and it does not have the same active compounds, so supplementation with real whole unprocessed foods is still necessary for optimal health and why we created Holly’s Holistic Health Boosting 8 in 1 Dog Supplement Topper. To provide the complete whole food nutrition dogs need, no matter what diet they are on. We aren’t the only ones who deserve a great tasting, nutritious gourmet meal!

In addition to our love of health, history, furry family members and the quality crafted days of old, we at The Golden Leaf also love our planet. As such, we donate one percent of every purchase from the official Golden Leaf website only to Earth Justice: Preserving Magnificent Places and Wildlife. We donate another one percent to The Center for Biological Diversity: Protecting Endangered Plants, Animals & The Ocean and lastly we donate another one percent to The Animal Legal Defense Fund: Working to Change U.S. Animal Protection laws. This unfortunately applies only for purchases made on our Golden Leaf website. We believe in giving back and doing our part to make sure that future generations have a healthy planet to live on, with diverse species and wildlife. A planet with high quality breathable air from a sea of trees and not parking lots. If you have a charity that you are enthusiastic about, contact us and let us know and we will make sure that the three percent from your purchase and all consecutive purchases, will go to the charity you designate.

We are even so enthusiastic about saving animals, the environment and our planet that we want you to do it, even when you aren’t shopping with us. If and when you shop on Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com when making your purchases and one half of one percent or a half of a percent of select purchases, will go to the charity of your choice. For other stores such as Walmart, Coach, Banana Republic, Nike and more……… download the iGive app on your phone and when directed to these corporate websites through it… anywhere from one and a half percent for all Walmart purchases and up to four percent for all Coach purchases, will be donated to the charity of your choice as well. Thank you for visiting our website and please don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and like us on Facebook! Every little bit helps and we will keep you up to date on all sales, coupon codes and environmental causes and petitions that urgently need your help! We look forward to having your patronage!


Sara Meyers