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At The Golden Leaf we are the artisans who make our products, allowing us to provide unparalleled quality and nutrition, at a direct to consumer everyday low price. We believe that nutrition can not only be a gourmet dining experience, but taste delicious as well. All of our balsamic vinegars are from Modena Italy and are barrel aged. They are also all natural. We use real freeze-dried fruit and real dried spices to flavor our balsamic vinegars and our Sicilian cold pressed extra virgin olive oils. Our olive oils are made in Sicily from a mix of three different types of olives; Tonda Ilbea, Moresca and Nocellara Etnea. They are handpicked and harvested just before they are ripe, to maximize both flavor and taste. Vital nutrients such as polyphenols, which are also rich in antioxidants, are maximized as well. Polyphenol rich, fresh olive oil has a distinctive peppery kick.

Our balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy is aged in oak barrels for years until it is thick, sweet bottled perfection. It is thick, sweet, naturally flavorful, barrel aged and Modena PGI certified. We handcraft not automate, making our products as much of an art form, as they are a delectable old world addition to any meal. This all natural balsamic vinegar is available in traditional style or flavored with freeze-dried fruits and spices. We do not use artificial chemical extracts or preservative laden purees. Just limited ingredients and no added anything. We only use the best fresh whole freeze-dried fruits, which allows our flavors to retain their nutrition including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fragile enzymes. Freeze-drying not only provides optimal nutrition, but an unmatched preservative free shelf life, as freeze-drying negates the need for chemical preservatives. Easily add quality nutrition to every meal by drizzling a small amount of The Golden Leaf Balsamic Vinegar on your next meal, salad or side dish.

Balsamic Vinegar has many health benefits. It can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also promote weight loss and healthy digestion. In addition to that, we put many healthy and nutritious foods in their own right into our balsamic vinegars. As all are freshly dehydrated, the nutritional profile is kept intact. Without the water, not only are no preservatives necessary, but the result is rich concentrated flavor. We do not need to add any sugars or anything else; what you get is pure balsamic vinegar and the purest healthiest concentrated form of fruit and spices available.

By far the most effective form of nutrition, is whole food nutrition. Vitamins and supplements are poor substitutes, to the many miraculous active compounds found in fruits and vegetables from around the world, that cannot be found anywhere else or effectively duplicated. Consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, has long been associated with a profound and reduced risk for developing many health conditions.

At The Golden Leaf good nutrition also equals good taste. Our all natural and limited ingredients are aged with our balsamic vinegars, culminating in a final robust and distinctive flavor. In the end it is as much of a work of art, as it is a healthy and delectable old world addition to any meal! And as all of this art is handcrafted and not mass produced in factories with thousands of machines and employees, we can and do pass the savings on to you. Not only that but we believe that a superb balsamic is one that can be used in extreme moderation. As such, all of our balsamic vinegars are extremely thick and flavorful; allowing for sparing use without compromising flavor. A little goes a very long way.

Thank you for shopping on The Golden Leaf: Gourmet Nutrition website. 2.5% of your purchase will go to the World Wildlife Fund and another 2.5% will go to Oceana. If you have a charity you would prefer your donation went to, please let us know. Businesses need to start doing their part and make ethical decisions, to contribute to the betterment of our planet and society. Companies, especially large companies, can make a huge difference. But with 330 million of us , individuals need to help too. Be the difference. Our bottles our 100% recyclable.

We believe in giving back and doing our part to make sure that future generations have a healthy planet to live on, with diverse species and wildlife. A planet with high quality breathable air from a sea of trees and not parking lots. If you have a charity that you are enthusiastic about, contact us at artisan@the-golden-leaf.com or 1-716-GLD-LEAF and let us know, so that we can make sure that the three percent from your purchase and all consecutive purchases, will go to the charity you designate.


Sara Meyers

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