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Why We Need to Boycott The Trump Marred Republican Party to Save Christianity, The Planet and Our Democracy

There has been a Republican-appointed majority of justices on the Supreme Court for 49 of the last 50 years and yet abortion is still legal:

“Coming for Blacks and Indians. Welcome to the New World Order”. This was just one of the many appalling signs adorning the Trump rally outside Washington, where Trump supporters were demonstrating for the continued tyrannical reign of Trump and the overthrow of Democracy for fascism. Facism through the forcible suppression of the will of the overwhelming majority of the American people. Sadly somehow despite all of this, the Republican party has still managed to put forth propaganda that their now hate filled, personally greedy, planet polluting, untruthful and intolerant rhetoric is synonymous with God and as a result, people are starting to think that hate and intolerance is the Christian way.

Trump has personally marred the Republican party, by pushing a white only anti-environment agenda that can and will not last. I cannot fathom how anyone could conclude God would support such a party, given as his son was a Middle Eastern Jew. Trump has created a following that now equates the Republican party with all of the aforementioned sentiments and more. With the continued unwavering support from his base, the majority of Republicans are jumping on his bandwagon, save Mitt Romney and precious few others. In fact, Mitt Romney was THE ONLY Republican to stand against Trump in the Senate. Christianity will go the way of Greek mythology, Roman lore and the Viking God Oden if we don’t stop this ill-fated and inaccurate combination of Christianity with the now disfigured Republican party. The party is now using misinformation and false propaganda, to trick a little less than half of the population into believing that having enforced pro-life laws, is the ONLY true Christian value and that it single handedly outweighs all of the other immoral Republican platforms and tenets.

This country did not pass Roe vs Wade because of a lack of moral objections, they passed it because of the Constitution and a woman’s right to privacy in a democracy, to do what they want with their own body. Young women were also dying. They were dying from self mutilation with coat hangers, jumping off buildings, overdosing on pills and falling down flights of stairs. Add to that underground abortions which were not performed in a sterile environment, by a medical professional and what you have is a plethora of unnecessary and tragic deaths. In all the decades since Roe vs. Wade (1973) has been passed, NO REPUBLICAN HAS EVER TRIED TO REVERSE IT. NEVER EVEN TRIED! This is for three main reasons. All the deaths of young women that would occur as a result of the reversal, that government regulation of our bodies would be socialistic in nature and would be a violation of the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment and overpopulation.

The fact that no Republican has tried to reverse this ruling shows they are so morally deficient, that they believe USING GOD for personal gain is a kosher way to manipulate votes. All they are doing is inflaming and enraging passions for no purpose. Enraging for the sake of enraging. Republicans have been using this supposedly pro-life rallying cry, in an attempt to claim voters that believe in God, when they have no intention of changing the law or even trying to change it. At the end of the day, that makes them PRO-CHOICE HYPOCRITS, spouting false proclamations to the contrary. But that is all they are, false proclamations and empty promises. There has been a Republican-appointed majority of justices on the Supreme Court for 49 of the last 50 years and yet abortion is still legal. When Trump took office, he had a majority in both the Senate and the House, as well as in the Supreme Court. But did he take advantage of this seeming opportunity? No. Yet this did not stop him from using it as a constant sounding board, in even the second election. With the pro-life, pro-choice issue in regards to government regulation and Republicans null and void, all of the other Christian values that Republicans are now lacking, come in to play. That is why they so heavy handedly play this card. It is the only Christian card that they have left in the deck.

Government regulation of our bodies is ACTUALLY socialistic, along with having a President who tries to circumvent democracy and our elections, to become dictator (by trying to overturn our valid Democratic election results certified by Republicans, through talks of implementing martial law and through his proposed dissolution of the 22nd amendment). It is almost humorous but equally sad, how often Republicans have played the socialist fear card, when they are the only party promoting an authoritarian dictatorship that disregards democracy, the will of the majority of the people and claim to want to implement a government that regulates what we do with our own bodies and whom we are allowed to love.

Republican values are now anything but Christian:

From intolerance, hate, greed and not giving to your fellow man or government through taxes; there is nothing Christian about the Republican platform.

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves”. (Romans 12:10) Contradictory to the GOP platform, God tells us to love one another and treat others, as more important than the self. This paramount Christian philosophy, is the exact opposite of the Republican tenant, of every man for himself. Republicans support big business and the rich over government. They want little or no taxes, so that the wealthy can potentially profit off of every American, but not have to give back to the society that gave them wealth in the first place. If that is not un-American, I do not know what is. Not wanting to give back to the country that made your prosperity possible, is very unpatriotic. Not wanting to give to your fellow man, is very un-Christian.

“No one can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and money”. (Matthew 6:24) If you make money your number one priority, you are not serving God. Personal wealth, not the wealth of the country, is the number one Republican priority. Republicans raise the deficit through their tax cuts to the wealthy and by not holding the rich accountable to their patriotic and Christian duties. Moreover, Reaganomics does not even work. President Reagan personally caused an economic recession through his policy of tax cuts to the rich. Essentially he aimed to make government almost non-existent through tax cuts for businesses and limited government oversight. The theory with Republican economic policy is that capitalism will take over helping people, but that rationale is lunacy. Money does not trickle down to the poor, when you give more money to the rich…….yet this is what they claim with a straight face. Capitalism and the rich are no substitute for government. We need a REAL government to ACTUALLY help people and rule people. How we have managed to unlearn that lesson since the great depression and Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt is baffling.

President Roosevelt managed to single handedly fix the great depression. How? By forcing those who could afford to give, to give and helping those that needed it with programs still in place today, such as social security. Giving to the government and those in need helps boost the economy. That is why truly successful businesses, like those in the Fortune 500, give to the democratic party. Unsuccessful businessmen like Trump don’t want to have to pay taxes or contribute to their country, because their businesses are not profitable and that is the only way they can make money. Truly successful businesses like Facebook and Apple, profit more from a healthy economy than huge tax cuts for the wealthy and therefore massively support the Democratic party. If one needs reminded of this reality, all they need do is compare the economies of the Reagan and Bush administrations, against the Clinton and Obama administrations. Much like FDR, Obama took over during a period of great recession under Bush in 2008 and made us whole again. We prosper most as a country when we help each other! Giving is not only the Christian thing to do, it is the best thing to do for yourself. Living in a prosperous country is good for everyone.

God is love and he who abides in love, abides in God and God in him:

Self evident truth; that all men are created equal (including immigrants, as we are ALL immigrants) and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America didn’t lose a plethora of well paying middle class jobs to immigrants, they lost them to men exactly like Donald Trump who outsourced them to save a few dollars. But much like Hitler, whom he is quoted as admiring, he found a scapegoat to pawn the problems he helped to manufacture, off on. All people have rights, even those who are different. In fact, rights were made specifically FOR those who were different, as the immigrants who created America, were running from persecution themselves.

The Trump led Republican party also has not tried to make sodomy illegal again or reversed any decisions related to gay marriage. Why? Again it directly conflicts with the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment of the constitution. Private acts between consenting adults should be private and should not be regulated by the government, as it would be unconstitutional. If we look to God’s creations for answers, many animals in nature engage in same sex mating (giraffes, bison, dolphins, lions, bonobos etc. etc.) or are even hermaphroditic (bearded dragon, clownfish, whiptail lizard, cuttlefish etc. etc.). God is perfect. God does not make mistakes. So if it is natural for same sex mating to occur in nature, it is natural for it to occur in humanity as well.

This means that it is not only not a crime, but a way of being created by God himself. Pope Pius XII supported Hitler, Pharisees helped to kill Jesus, Catholic priests told their parishioners they could buy their way into heaven through indulgences. Throughout history, humans have distorted religion and God and bent it to their purpose. Now the Republican party is perverting all of Christianity, in an immoral attempt to gain votes, by promising to create socialist laws that infringe on our personal freedoms just like a dictatorship. Like Russia or Iran where homosexuals can actually be put to death, we would be persecuting an entire class of people just for being who they are and implementing the same policies of socialistic communist countries from around the world.

Humans are imperfect. So no book written by humans can be perfect either. The Bible never explicitly states that being gay is a sin. That is a myth. But even if it did, it is a book written by man and not God and it should not be used to condemn an entire class of people. In fact everything we KNOW of God and Jesus, shows that they tend to glorify those deemed degenerate by society, such as prostitutes and tax collectors. God preaches love. Never hate. Love is from God and no form of it can be wrong. Love is never wrong. Love is never a sin. “God is love and he who abides in love, abides in God and God in him”. (1John 4:16) We must listen to our heart when trying to interpret the Bible and let it guide us. God has shown us time and time again, that the people society denigrates, are the same people he elevates as examples for us of truth, humility and generosity. God would never forsake anyone, for any reason and using God to justify such animosity is no different than a pope supporting with Hitler.

The Envisioned Wasteland of The New Republican America:

The “Divided” and not United America of the GOP: Homeless seniors without social security, rampant pollution, no minimum wage, no unions, no taxes, no healthcare, no clean water, fend for yourself and let the rich profit off of you; while you struggle to survive.

Trash blowing in the wind, polluted lakes and rivers, the planet near extinction from greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, elderly roaming the streets homeless and hungry, no health care, children working to help their parents keep the heat on, poverty stricken families unable to feed their children, no middle class, just billionaires and those below the poverty level. This is the America of the GOP and what Trump envisions when he says lets make America great again. He wants to go back to the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie, when six men held the wealth of the whole country and everyone else was living in abject poverty.

Children working in factories. Parents working for pennies on the dollar. No minimum wage. No unions. No workers protections. Just the rich taking advantage of people so desperate, that they are willing to work for any amount of money. That is Trump’s ideal America and why he has so many liens and lawsuits against him for non-payment by ex-employees and private contractors. More than paying them next to nothing, he literally wants to pay them nothing. Exploitation and television are the only ways Trump has been able to be profitable and make money. While Trump takes it to extremes not shared by all Republicans, the tenets and results from those tenets are the same. No taxes means no social security and no health care and the breakdown of society, which takes us back to how it was before the turn of the 20th century; deplorable conditions for kids, families and the elderly…….perfect conditions for a select handful of super elite wealthy white men.

Killing God’s planet is NOT the Christian thing to do. THERE ARE CHRISTIANS WHO ACTUALLY CLAIM THAT TRYING TO SAVE GOD’S PLANET, BY NOT POLLUTING IT AND BEING GREEN, IS EVIL! This is just one example of the degree to which Republicans have been able to so radically distort God’s word and his gift to us; life everlasting, free will and the earth. Why are Republicans so adamant about proclaiming that saving the environment is wrong and unnecessary fake news? Money of course, otherwise known as the GOP; Greed Over People. It is far cheaper to pollute, than dispose of toxic waste, gases and chemicals properly. Being green costs companies money and greedy CEO’s only care about the now. Tomorrow is a problem for somebody else. God’s creatures and animals? Not important. Republicans like Trump are for lifting endangered species protections and have, so they can pollute in the habitats in which they live and drill for oil. So many times lands get protected because of endangered animals. Without protections for the animals, there is no by-proxy protection for the land.

Trump and Republicans have taken it so far as to lift protections from the arctic national wildlife refuge. If that wasn’t enough, now they are trying to sell the land to the highest bidder, so that every endangered animal can be rendered extinct and every drop of oil can be extracted. When the oil is all depleted, what is left? Nothing. No wildlife and no oil. All so Trump and his buffoons can make an extra couple of dollars for a few years. Nothing is sacred to Trump or the big oil Republicans in Congress who supported and continue to support these heinous actions; first to lift protections and then to sell the land piece by piece to the oil companies who wish to destroy it. Biden would be able to reinstate the lifted protections, so long as the land wasn’t sold. Hence, Trump and Republicans are now trying to rush the sale and destruction of the pre-Trump protected arctic wildlife lands. There is no low they will not sink to. COVID is worse than ever and what are they spending their time doing? Planning the extinction and sale of previously protected wildlife, before being run out of office. How can we expect Africa, China, South America and other countries to respect and maintain their protected wildlife areas, if we don’t protect ours?

How to See Polar Bear Cubs in the Arctic | Arctic Kingdom

How can anyone in their right mind believe that NOT polluting God’s planet and protecting it, is a sin? I honestly have no idea. I am dismayed, perplexed and saddened by all of the complete falsehoods and distortions Republicans have been able to get self-proclaimed Christians to believe. Make no mistake, the destruction of God’s planet by us is not only likely, but inevitable unless we take drastic steps to change course and stop polluting our air, lands and sea.

If we associate Christianity with hate, intolerance, greed and pollution…….then it will be eliminated along with the Republican party, when things get to the point of no return. When the world is at a breaking point with famine and climate change, people will have no choice but to change immediately or face extinction…….and we will ALL have to work together to accomplish this. If Christianity promotes intolerance among people, hate, money first and pollution……then the only way they will be able to save themselves, will be to scrap Christianity.

There are people who already believe that attempting to mess with nature is a sin. But we are already messing with nature by polluting it. So our only option is to NOT pollute it. By not polluting, we are keeping nature in its most natural state. Going green is good for God’s planet and good for us. Natural resources can and will be depleted. We need to find sustainable and renewable ways of doing things. It is not just the Christian option but THE ONLY option!

Sign the Greenpeace petition below to stop Trump and save the arctic:

“A City upon a Hill”

With eyes upon us, we cannot behave in such a reckless, undemocratic, immoral manner. The Republican party has emulated Trump’s immoral tactics of spreading lies and false propaganda, disregarding Democracy, USING God for personal gain, being erratic and unreasonable, spreading hate and promoting chaos.

Reality will be an unknown if we continue down this path. Republicans across the country are following Trump’s lead and refusing to concede and acknowledge their loss, instead of doing what is right. Television stations like Newsmax are telling Trump supporters what they want to hear; that Joe Biden is not president elect. It is surprising that Fox News is not following suit, though they have promoted many other falsehoods. This is hardly the first time Republicans have used lies to try and obtain votes. Rush Limbaugh has been doing it for years. This is the first time however, that such indecent, untruthful propaganda was spouted by The President of The United States himself and now herds of Republican governors, senators and representatives are following suit. If we continue to let Republicans blur the line, even rational and learned people will not know where it starts and ends.

Countries such as Iran, are using this widespread collusion by Republicans to tell outright lies, as an example of how democracy does not work. They are also using it as an example of how democracy does not promote moral values. Democracy does work. But what we have for the next few months is not a democracy, but a dictator desperate to cling to power to avoid lawsuits, criminal charges and likely even jail. New York is just one of many, looking for justice and to finally hold him accountable for his actions.

Without accountability, we will have a country filled with people who do and say whatever they want, without regard to anyone or anything. We would become inconsiderate barbarians let by a socialist dictator, whom we look to for guidance and emulate. The President needs to be more than a decent person. The President needs to be a good person; as we not only look to him as citizens for guidance, but the world looks to him as well. Can you imagine the chaos if other dictators throughout the world promoted such mass hysteria, misinformation and chaos? We would be looking at the downfall of not only the American economy, but likely the global one as well.

Why does accountability matter so little to Trump? His voters do not care about what he does, just what he says and sometimes not even that. Hence why he made the statement, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters”. It is a sad but true statement because of the vile things Trump stands for, it doesn’t matter at all to his voters whether or not he tells the truth or even what he does. If it doesn’t even matter how The President acts, what kind of example does that set for the rest of us?!

Acting without regard to anyone or anything is NOT Christian. By allowing the alignment of the Republican party with Christianity, we put it in peril. We will inevitably progress and want to become good and decent human beings again. Eventually, we learn that we were in error. Much like the American Indian trail of tears or Japanese internment camps, eventually we learn from history (even if we repeat it a few times along the way). When we have this revelation, if Christianity is still intricately woven with the Republican party, we will have to eliminate both to move forward towards peace and enlightenment. It will have been so long since anyone advocated for anything good with Christianity, that people will not be able to remember anything but lies, greed, hate, intolerance and pollution in regard to Christianity. There are ALREADY people that believe these things. It must stop. The Republican party must go the way of the Dodo and the Whigs if Christianity, the planet and our Democracy are to survive.

Will I lose some sales as a result of this article? There is no doubt that I will. But letting Republicans align the Republican party with God is such an egregious mistake, that I could not abide standing by and doing nothing to try and correct it, especially when I have a viable forum to do so. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men AND women to do nothing. It is more than politics; it is right versus wrong, love versus hate, democracy versus fascism.

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