Freeze-Dried Fruit Balsamic Vinegars

Introducing the first freeze-dried fruit balsamic vinegar. More and more people are realizing just how unhealthy it is to fill your body up with preservatives and chemicals. Typical fruit balsamic vinegars use either purees or extracts. Both have extremely short shelf lives. The shelf life of a puree is only a few days and yet they add so many preservatives, they can extend the shelf life to 5 years. That is massive. Moreover, purees are 85 percent water or more, so the end result is watered down balsamic vinegar with a little bit of fruit.

Extracts are mostly alcohol and flavoring. It is not even real fruit primarily and the shelf life naturally here is typically only 6 months typically, even though the claimed shelf life of the balsamic vinegars which contain extracts is around 5 years also. Both of these methods also require pasteurization with high heat which kills most any nutrition available.

Balsamic Vinegar is meant to be enjoyed with age. Balsamic Vinegar is meant to be healthy. It defeats the purpose adding chemicals and preservatives and shorting the shelf life of something meant to savor and delight. You wouldn’t do that to wine, so why do that to balsamic vinegar? Our solutions, freeze-dried fruits. Freeze-dried fruit is naturally shelf stable for 25 years, with no preservatives or chemicals necessary. The antioxidants and even the fragile enzymes are also maintained with this method of natural preservation and is the only natural method able to do so. Our balsamic vinegar is pure balsamic vinegar and is not watered down. It is also filled with concentrated flavor, from freeze-dried fruits and spices. You will find no tastier, healthier, more flavorful, fruit filled balsamic vinegar anywhere!

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