Holly’s Holistic Health Boosting 8 in 1 Dog Superfood Supplement Topper 10 oz (283g) net wt.

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Limited Ingredient Human Grade Formula to ensure your dog gets the most, of the most important ingredients in every spoonful! Each ingredient has been carefully selected because of its extreme natural health benefits. :

Beef Stock or Dehydrated Bone Broth From Grass Fed Non-GMO Beef (Protein and 19 Amino Acids), Chia Seed Powder (Omega 3), Dehydrated Moringa Leaf (Antioxidants), Dehydrated Pumpkin (Digestive and Skin Health), Dehydrated Kale (Nutrients), Dehydrated Goji Berries (Immunity), Dehydrated Reishi Mushroom (Longevity Superfood), Turmeric Curcumin (Pain and Inflammation), Taurine (Heart and Eye Health) and a specialized blend of Pre and Probiotics.


1.5% of your purchase will go to the Animal Legal Defense Fund to help fight puppy mills and animal cruelty. Another 1.5 percent will go to the Animal Farm Foundation which rescues and trains shelter dogs to be service dogs and K9 detection dogs.


New! 10 oz (283g) net wt. Holly’s Holistic Health Booster 8 in 1 Supplement Dog Food Topper was created after our beloved dog Holly died of dilated cardiomyopathy, DCM, from a taurine deficiency. To our dismay we discovered that most dog foods have inadequate levels of taurine, which is primarily found in muscle meat ingredients. Tragically very few brands add Taurine to supplement for the inadequate levels, as the AAFCO focuses on minimum requirements. Holly’s Health Booster is specifically designed for maximum requirements and to help make a complete and balanced diet, due to the inherent deficiencies of the modern kibble. While the formula is ideal for filling in the nutritional gaps of a commercially fed diet, it is a superb health addition to any dog diet, including homemade and raw. Raw diets are fantastic for getting the most bioavailable and nutritionally intact, vitamins and minerals. However, the modern dog was not meant to subside on meat alone. Free radical fighting and immune boosting antioxidants are still pivotal for optimal long term health. Each ingredient in this limited ingredient formula is completely human grade and has been carefully selected because of its natural health benefits. This limited ingredient formula also helps to ensure that your dog is getting the most important ingredients in every spoonful!


Some dog food companies will go so far as to spray their kibble with liquid fat at the end of the drying process, to ensure that your dog will find their food the most palatable. Others have more salt in their recipe, than they do fruits, vegetables and nutrients. Any ingredient past salt is negligible at best. With Holly’s Holistic Health Boosting 8 in 1 Dog Supplement Topper, we aim to transform every dog food can or kibble into a healthy and tasty option without gimmicks, so that your dog will live a long, healthy and vibrant life. This is THE first all in one health boosting topper! You no longer have to buy eight different products to attain your dog’s optimal level of health. Bone broth, Omega 3, mushrooms, pumpkin, superfoods, turmeric curcumin, taurine and pre and probiotics are all included, in our one out of this world topper, with the best natural health ingredients on the planet!! The ingredients are beef stock (bone broth from non-gmo grass fed beef), chia seed powder, dehydrated moringa leaf, dehydrated pumpkin, dehydrated kale, dehydrated goji berries, dehydrated reishi mushroom, turmeric curcumin, taurine and a specialized blend of pre and probiotics!


Proper nutrition is vital to your dogs health and longevity. The best nutrition for them is from whole food nutrition. Yet 99% of all dog foods do not provide whole food nutrition, but rather rely on lab produced synthetic vitamins and minerals. They do this because when they process a meat, grain, vegetable or fruit, the nutrients are lost. The heat destroys the nutrients their cells depend on. During this process, as much as 60% of the calcium is lost, 33% of the protein, 95% of the Omega 3 and 95% of the fiber. Those figures are staggering and once more, they are the most vital aspects of optimal nutrition. There are no short term ramifications for this, during the AAFCO’s short term 6 month health testing of a food. Long term though, it can lead to chronic infections, obesity, GI and skin issues, as well as liver, kidney, heart, thyroid and other diseases. Synthetic vitamins contain only a fraction of what would be found in a naturally occurring vitamin from whole food. Synthetic vitamins can also increase risk for cancer and other diseases. The bottom line is that healthful food is far superior to synthetic nutrition. Their bodies can process, regulate and absorb the nutrients from them much better. So much so that they can even thrive on much smaller amounts of whole food source vitamins, than their synthetic counterparts. Mother nature is the key to optimal canine nutrition, not a synthetic laboratory. Just whole unprocessed nutrition, straight from mother earth.

The latest news in pet nutrition, is that the FDA has been getting in on the fake news business. They are trying to claim without the benefit of a controlled study or medical proof, that high meat and high vegetable foods are causing dilated cardiomyopathy or heart disease. However, the only medically proven fact is that Taurine deficiencies cause DCM. The rub to them though, is admitting that the problem is a lack of Taurine, would be tantamount to admitting the government made a mistake in not requiring its inclusion in the approved dog diet. By not naming a specific cause however, but naming other people in general, for an unspecified reason and not specifying Taurine, the blame becomes someone else’s. So instead of advertising the only medically and scientifically proven fact of taurine deficiency caused DCM, they are trying to make an unsubstantiated claim based on supposition and loose correlation from an uncontrolled study. Most pet owners that can afford to and actually take their dog to the vet, also feed grain free food and not Ol’Roy. That is the whole basis for their findings; fueled by the big pet food companies who want nothing more than to go back to the days where they could charge $60 for a bag of unspecified animal fat, wheat gluten and corn fortified with vitamins and minerals (which is sadly all it takes for a food to be approved by the AAFCO). Fortunately, it seems that most people are seeing this exactly for what it is; a farce. With all this misinformation out there though, it is still easy to get confused; but let common sense prevail. A homemade diet is best; real whole food nutrition. If that is not possible; a meat based dog food with nutrition from real fruits and vegetables. But even then, the extrusion and drying process destroys a lot of that nutrition, which is why they add synthetic vitamins and minerals. However, their body cannot process this nutrition as efficiently and it does not have the same active compounds, so supplementation with real whole unprocessed foods is still necessary for optimal health and why we created Holly’s Holistic Health Boosting 8 in 1 Dog Supplement Topper. To provide the complete whole food nutrition dogs need, no matter what diet they are on. We aren’t the only ones who deserve a great tasting, nutritious gourmet meal!

(Note: Spirulina is another new craze in dog supplements, but we have chosen to exclude it from our formula, as the possible health risks, far outweigh the possible benefits. While spirulina/chlorella is a very cost effective superfood, sourcing and quality is a very common and serious problem. It is often grown in natural waterways such as lakes and ocean water. When grown in this fashion it is impossible to control the amount of pollutants that find their way into the product. Given the state of water pollution in the world today, this is a very serious and alarming concern. Lastly, low cost third party suppliers are also common. These suppliers are headquartered in countries where production is unregulated and where the inclusion of other species of blue-green algae is allowed. Whether the spirulina is grown in polluted and contaminated water or is actually some other unknown species of blue-green algae; extremely harmful health problems can result from contaminants like microcystins, neurotoxins, hemotoxins and heavy metals.)

Feeding Recommendations and Duration:

The 10 oz (283g) size will last dogs under 50 pounds four full months and dogs over 50 pounds two full months; when administered daily. To use mix with wet food, dry food with a healthy oil (salmon, olive, flax or coconut) or dry food with a small amount of warm water or both and stir (mix).

Comprehensive Ingredient Benefits:

1) Dehydrated Bone Broth From Grass Fed Non-GMO Beef:

The first ingredient in our holistic formula is beef stock or dehydrated beef bone broth from grass fed non-gmo beef. Dogs need 22 amino acids. Twelve of these amino acids can be synthesized in their bodies. The other ten MUST be provided by their diet. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, but not all protein sources are created equally. For example, plant proteins do not supply the amino acid balances needed for dogs to thrive. As a result, a dog food simply being high in protein is not enough. Just because a dog food is high protein, does not mean it contains the essential amounts of amino acids. This is especially true considering most dog foods try to boost their protein content with potato or pea based proteins. On top of that, at the end of the extrusion process, the food is dried at temperatures as high as 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat drying also lowers the already low concentrations of amino acids; specifically one of the ten essential amino acids lysine. Dogs cannot produce Lysine. It has to be provided by their diet. Yet the very way in which their food is prepared, destroys the amino acids they so desperately need for optimal health as carnivores. Even the protein itself is denatured and rendered non-functional, due to the high degree of thermal processing. Our dehydrated beef bone broth powder on the other hand, not only provides all ten of the essential amino acids their bodies cannot produce, in unadulterated non-processed form, but nine others as well. Our grass fed non-gmo beef stock also contains gelatin. As most dog foods contain less than 25% meat ingredients, gelatin is essential. Gelatin reduces their body’s need for protein meat sources, by as much as fifty percent. This will significantly bridge the meat content gap of most plant based dog foods. Due to labeling laws, if your dog food says salmon AND sweet potato or beef AND pea, then you know that your dog food contains less than 25% of that meat. If it contained more than 25%, they could simply call it salmon recipe or beef recipe. But they needed the sweet potato or the pea, combined with meat, to meet the 25% minimum compositional requirement for labeling. So it is best if you can afford it, to buy foods that do not contain AND in the title. If they do make sure both ingredients are meats, such as Beef AND Bison or Chicken AND Turkey. Bone broth also contains glycosaminoglycans. These are joint protecting compounds like glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid and are ideal for old and young dogs alike. These compounds stimulate fibroblasts to lay down collagen in the joints, tendons, ligaments and even the arteries. Lastly, our beef stock can help to protect the liver from toxic drugs like flea and tick medications, antibiotics, vaccines and de-wormers.

2) Chia Seed Powder:

The second ingredient in our holistic formula is chia seed powder. Chia is extremely healthy and has three times the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids as salmon!! Chia has a wide variety of health benefits, which is why it is our second ingredient. It promotes healthy cells, a healthy immune system, a healthy skin and coat, healthy joints, healthy brain function and eye health. It also contains excellent amounts of dietary fiber to help promote regularity. Chia also stabilizes blood sugar levels and contributes naturally to high levels of energy and supports normal insulin function. It has more calcium than whole milk, more iron than raw spinach and more magnesium than broccoli. It is the ultimate superfood and with no taste or scent, it is particularly well suited and tolerated by dogs. As most dog food is extremely high in Omega 6 and the AAFCO is only concerned about your dogs 6 month short term health, they do not require dog foods to include Omega 3. Many dog foods have an Omega 6 to 3 ratio as high as 20 to 1 and others as obscenely high as 50 to 1; especially those containing corn. Yet a healthy Omega 3 to 6 ratio is vital to the long term health of all dogs! An ideal ratio is in the ballpark of 4 to 1 and even as low as 2 to 1. Too much omega 6 can raise blood pressure and cause a heart attack and even a stroke. High omega 6 to 3 ratios have been linked to heart disease, arterial inflammation, arthritis and even dementia. Unfortunately, even dog foods that do contain Omega 3 still have deficient levels, as cooking the food or even canning it destroys the healthy essential fatty acids our animals need and renders them virtually useless. Even if by some miracle the EFA’s were to survive the extreme heat and pressure of extrusion and drying, the shelf life of the oils that provided the healthy EFA’s to begin with such as flaxseed and salmon oil, are only viable for a few months. In the end, there is really no way to tell how much healthy omega 3 remains in your dogs food by the time you purchase it, much less after it has been sitting in an open bag for several days. The only way you can ensure that your dog is getting enough Omega 3, is to supplement it in your dogs diet yourself. Hence chia seed powder is one of the most important ingredients, in our holistic formula.

3) Dehydrated Moringa Leaf:

The third ingredient in our holistic formula is moringa leaf powder. Moringa is an extremely powerful nutritional food for dogs packed with vitamins and minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and Omega 3 oils. Moringa has 92 different nutrients and 46 different antioxidants! Moringa also has a very high absorption rate, so your dog is sure to absorb all the necessary nutrients. Cancer in dogs is on the rise and is more prevalent than it has ever been. It is the leading cause of death in dogs over 10 years of age and a whopping 50% of all older dogs will develop cancer sometime in their lifetime. That figure is staggering! Most dog foods have more salt in their dog food recipe or formula, than they do fruits and vegetables. Any ingredient past salt on the ingredients list, is negligible at best. The lack of nutritious vegetables combined with all the chemicals and dyes found in most dog foods, makes you wonder why that profoundly high incidence of cancer among dogs, isn’t higher yet still. This is why Moringa is the third ingredient on our list. Moringa has amazing anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. It is loaded with nutrients and is more importantly extremely rich in antioxidants, namely Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Quercetin and Chlorogenic Acid. Moringa also lowers blood pressure, maintains healthy cholesterol levels and regulates thyroid function.

4) Dehydrated Pumpkin:

This fourth ingredient hardly needs any introduction. It is widely known that pumpkin is great for canine digestive health and for good reason. It is a great source of fiber which helps promote regularity. Pumpkin is particularly ideal for dog’s who eat the same food every day, for every meal. Without any variety, these dogs are very easily prone to digestive upset when anything new is introduced. Pumpkin can provide relief for minor digestive upset. In addition to the rich and cream flavor of pumpkin dogs love, rich amounts of Vitamin A and Zinc can improve their skin and coat. Its Vitamin C concentration can also boost immune health. In addition, holistic vets will often prescribe this natural remedy as a means to help control parasites. Pumpkin has high amounts of the amino acid cucurbitacin, which is toxic to many dog parasites.

5) Dehydrated Kale:

The fifth ingredient in our holistic formula is kale. Kale also reduces the risk of cancer and prevents heart disease. Kale is full of phytochemicals which not only reduce cancer risk, but slow cancer growth when present. Kale is considered king among vegetables and is packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium and fiber. As the extrusion process not only causes protein denaturation, but vitamin loss and inactivation of nutritionally active factors, it is vital that your dog also have a raw and unprocessed source of nutrition. Our king of the vegetable powder kale is raw and a vital source of nutrients, which can no longer be found in processed, extruded, heated and dried dog kibble. Kale is also ideal for overweight pets or pets who need to watch their weight. Dogs suffering from weight problems and obesity, will benefit greatly from the addition of this ingredient. Heart disease is more and more common in the modern dog. Too often, changes in diet and exercise are not made until after a significant problem has already been discovered. A small investment in the present, can very likely save a very costly investment in the future. Heart problems once diagnosed require continual monitoring and medication, if they can be treated at all. Kale is a very heart healthy addition to any diet and can help prevent some of the common types of heart disease that plague dogs today.

6) Dehydrated Reishi Mushroom:

The sixth ingredient in our holistic formula is reishi mushroom powder. Reishi is hailed as the power mushroom and often referred to as the mushroom of immortality and is an especially ideal ingredient for promoting optimal long term health and wellness. It promotes health and longevity in many ways. So whether your beloved pet is two or ten years old, they can live as healthy and happy a life as possible. Reishi not only promotes longevity, but fights cancer, protects the liver and helps to manage diabetes. It supports heart health by improving the blood oxygen supply. It also helps to control allergies by preventing histamines that cause allergies and modulate the immune response. Last but not least for the senior dog, reishi slows aging by reducing aging symptoms including cognitive issues (mental status and acuity), arthritis and declining immunity. Reishi mushrooms are particularly good for pets experiencing chronic degenerative processes, weakened immune systems, liver disfunction, heart or kidney system decline and general weakness.

7) Dehydrated Goji Berries

The seventh ingredient was added so that my Dad can get the most optimal and complete nutrition possible, when forcing him to eat this with the dog. But Goji Berries are extremely healthy for dogs as well. They are filled with Vitamin C, which is ideal for immune health. They have high levels of calcium and iron, which all pup’s need plenty of. The calcium helps promote bone and teeth health. The iron helps generate healthy red blood cells; hemoglobin and myoglobin. These cells are crucial for transporting oxygen through the blood. Healthy levels of iron also prevent iron deficient anemia. Goji Berries also have zinc and selenium. The zinc helps aids in cell replication, healing wounds and building the immune system. Selenium plays a very significant role in optimal canine nutrition. This mineral has antioxidant properties which decelerate cell aging caused by oxidation. The fiber in Goji Berries helps to regulate their digestive system. Lastly, Goji is very high in antioxidants; including beta-sitosterol (anti-inflammatory agent) and beta-carotene (eyesight). Since the majority of diseases can be attributed to inflammation in some form or other, anti-inflammatory antioxidants can potentially play a very significant role in long term health and wellness.

8) Turmeric Curcumin:

The eighth ingredient is Turmeric Curcumin. Turmeric is the newest craze in dog supplements, due to its wide array of health benefits. There are many new dog treats out there, boasting adding Turmeric. Unfortunately Turmeric Curcumin can be very hard for a dogs body to absorb. Simply serving it in treat form will likely have no benefits at all and pass through their body completely unabsorbed. There are two keys to boosting Turmeric absorption in dogs. The first is to add an oil to their food such as flaxseed oil, salmon oil, olive oil or coconut oil. The second is heat, adding a small amount of warm water to their food will also increase the rate of absorption. Some advocate the use of black pepper to increase absorption, as it does in humans. However, the possible side effects of black pepper far outweigh any absorption benefits it may have. Black Pepper in dogs can cause gastrointestinal inflammation, skin and eye irritation and respiratory problems or hypoxia. In severe cases airway obstruction and death can occur. Therefore, we do not include it in our recipe as the possible risks, far outweigh the possible benefits. Turmeric Curcumin is the ultimate natural anti-everything. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is extremely beneficial for older dogs, as it can help with joint pain. Curcumin arguably relieves arthritis pain and stiffness better than ibuprofen. It has been administered as an anti-diarrhea medication and has great intestinal and bowel health benefits. It has been shown to improve cardiovascular health with the antioxidant polyphenol. It can help relieve histamine inflammation and allergies, by releasing white blood cells into body tissues. Lastly, it can suppress the metastasis of a variety of tumors. It is not curative, but preventative and has the ability to help stop cancerous cells in their tracks. Spirulina is another new craze in dog supplements, but we have chosen to exclude it from our formula, for health reasons and/or possible health risks; much like with the black pepper. While spirulina/chlorella is a very cost effective superfood, sourcing and quality is a very common and serious problem. It is often grown in natural waterways such as lakes and ocean water. When grown in this fashion it is impossible to control the amount of pollutants that find their way into their product. Given the state of water pollution in the world today, this is a very serious and alarming concern. Lastly, low cost third party suppliers are also common. These suppliers are headquartered in countries where production is unregulated and where the inclusion of other species of blue-green algae is allowed. Whether the spirulina is grown in polluted and contaminated water or is actually some other unknown species of blue-green algae; extremely harmful health problems can result from contaminants like microcystins, neurotoxins, hemotoxins and heavy metals.

9) Taurine:

The ninth ingredient in our limited ingredient holistic formula is taurine. Taurine is healthy for the heart and can prevent heart disease, specifically dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM. Taurine helps some of the most crucial systems function properly. It is absolutely critical to cardiac function, eye health and immune system function. Lack of taurine can cause extremely serious heart and eye diseases to develop. Taurine deficiencies in dog food, began with the invention of the extruder which required more starch and less meat and organs; organs which contained vital amounts of taurine. This last ingredient is particularly heart wrenching, as it is the one ingredient which would have saved our Holly and for which her kibble provided her no relief. Taurine or amino sulfonic acid is vital to both heart and eye health. Older dogs and especially larger older dogs, are particularly susceptible to taurine deficiencies.

10) Pre and Probiotics:

The tenth and last ingredients are pre and probiotics. This blend of specialized pre and probiotics helps to support digestion for optimal health. Prebiotics nourish the beneficial bacteria of probiotics. By supporting the good bacteria, prebiotics help to prevent disease, improve digestion and nutrient absorption (especially minerals), and enhance the immune system. The probiotic formula contains four species of live, naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria, including Enterococcus faecium and three species of Lactobacillus bacteria; acidophilus, casei and plantarum. Enterococcus faecium helps to improve nutrient absorption.  Lactobacillus acidophilus also promotes nutrient absorption and helps maintain proper levels of normal flora or good bacteria. Lactobacillus casei provides enzymes that are necessary for healthy digestion and Lactobacillus plantarum improves the biological assimilation of essential nutrients; including vitamins and minerals.

Holly’s Mission:

We have put the best ingredients on the planet into our Holly’s Holistic Health Boosting 8 in 1 Dog Supplement Topper, so that your canine has the healthiest life possible and all on a wallet friendly budget. We want your beloved pet to have the most optimal nutrition possible. Our focus is on the maximum and not the bare minimum. To thrive and not to just simply survive. To Holly, may your loving memory bring health and wellness to as many dogs as possible.