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Jackfruit and Peach Tropical White Balsamic Vinegar, 12.7 fl oz


For optimal aging, all of our balsamic vinegars have simple, natural and limited ingredients. The ingredients in our Modena IGP Tropical Jackfruit and Peach are barrel aged white balsamic vinegar, fresh dfreeze-dried jackfruit and fresh freeze-dried peaches; aged to thick sweet perfection. Without water from juices, purees or extracts all of our products have an intact nutritional profile, concentrated robust flavor, are non-perishable and do not require refrigeration and can age as intended.


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Our Tropical Jackfruit and Peach White Balsamic Vinegar is simply amazing! The refined aged taste of white balsamic, combined with the divinely tropical taste of jackfruit and the light sweet taste of peaches; make this the most unique and amazing vinegar around. Add it as a dressing to salads, a glaze on meats and seafood or drizzle it over kabobs or wraps. It is absolutely delicious on just about anything and is an extremely healthy way to dress up any meal with wonderful flavor. Jackfruit is often consumed as a substitute for meat as it is high in protein. It is also high in fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins C, B6 and A.


This pure balsamic vinegar is flavored with all natural, simple and limited ingredients. Made with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables; not preservative laden purees, juices or unnatural chemical extracts. The absence of water will ensure that it ages smoothly and more importantly, that it will taste even better as it ages and lock in the nutritional benefits! Without the water, all of our balsamic vinegars are non perishable and do not require refrigeration. The ingredients in our Tropical Jackfruit and Peach White Balsamic Vinegar are Modena IGP Barrel Aged White Balsamic Vinegar, freeze-dried jackfruit and freeze-dried peaches.


We recommend pairing this balsamic with our Cilantro Lime Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The savory, buttery taste of the olive oil and cilantro, combined with more tropical flavor in the form of lime, make these two an ideal pairing.

Jackfruit and Peach Tropical White Balsamic Vinegar, 12.7 fl oz
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