Meyer Lemon Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 12.7 fl oz


Our Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed and made with REAL freeze-dried Meyer Lemon; to ensure a rich taste two months or two years from now. Infused oils on the other hand, without real fruits spices lose their flavor over time. Our Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oils are made with the finest olives Sicily has to offer; Tonda Ilbea, Moresca and Nocellara Etnea.



Made with REAL freeze-dried Meyer lemons, our Meyer Lemon Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an unmatched vibrant citrus taste! The savory and peppery taste of the olive oil combines with the tangy and zesty flavor of Meyer Lemons to make an out of this world taste! It is especially ideal for steamed vegetables, grilled fish, lemon chicken and pasta parmesan!


All of our extra virgin olive oils are cold pressed and made with real dehydrated spices. Therefore, our Meyer Lemon Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very flavorful as it is made with dozens of real lemons per bottle. Consequently, all that lemon increases the strength of the lemon flavor with each passing day! Antioxidants and polyphenols pack this fresh oil. Of course, these can help improve or can help treat a plethora of issues when used in moderation. The ingredients in this light, tart and sweet oil are cold pressed Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and freeze-dried Meyer lemons.


Pair our Meyer Lemon Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with our Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar. This is one of the most popular combinations we have at art shows and other events, where patrons can sample all of our flavorful pairings. Together they are sweet yet tangy. Certainly, they are the most flavorful and fruity compliment we have. They make a flavorful dressing for a summer arugula or spinach salad. The sweet taste of lemons and raspberry, is an ideal compliment for bitter leafy greens. Between the vibrant citrus flavor as well as the antioxidant and micronutrient rich health benefits, you can’t go wrong with our Meyer Lemon Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil! To save on multiple bottles, check out our Golden Leaf Value Variety Packs.


For your pairing pleasure, we offer a variety of pure Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The olives are hand picked and of the finest quality. The olive oil is then cold pressed and the fresh freeze dried whole fruits and dehydrated spices are added. From Meyer Lemon to Rosemary and Roasted Garlic Butter; you are sure to find a flavor that meets your fancy. Our extra virgin olive oil is a very flavorful, healthy option. The finest preferred Tonda Ilbea, Moresca or Nocellara Etnea olives are handpicked and harvested just before they are ripe, to maximize both flavor and taste. Vital nutrients such as polyphenols, which are also rich in antioxidants, are maximized as well. Polyphenol rich, fresh olive oil has a distinctive peppery kick and is full of heart healthy Omega 3. Don’t settle for less, combine flavor and nutrition the next time you cook.

Meyer Lemon Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 12.7 fl oz
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