White Cheddar Cheese Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, 12.7 fl oz

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For optimal aging, all of our balsamic glazes only have two ingredients. Our White Cheddar Balsamic Vinegar has pure balsamic (cooked grapes) and dehydrated aged white cheddar. Without the water from the fruits and spices it is non perishable, with a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration!


white cheddar cheese balsamic vinegar

About The Balsamic:

Our Aged White Cheddar Cheese Balsamic Vinegar glaze is a unique and savory balsamic, bursting with the flavor of finely aged farmhouse white cheddar! This dehydrated white cheddar has the distinct and sumptuous flavor of parmesan; it truly tastes like a parmesan balsamic vinegar. It is very thick and especially flavorful, a little will go a very long way! This vinegar is simply sumptuous added to anything that tastes fantastic with added cheese. It is therefore tasty on anything and everything! Drizzle it over spinach or an arugula salad, on broccoli or pasta, salmon or chicken! This balsamic is truly something special. The sweet taste of aged balsamic, mixed with the delectable taste of dehydrated aged white cheddar makes this an irresistible flavor of balsamic vinegar! It is a must have glaze on a nice juicy steak, tenderizing it while adding wonderful delectable and smoky cheesy flavor!

About Us:

This pure balsamic is flavored with a dehydrated powder and not a puree, juice or extract. The absence of water will ensure that it ages smoothly and more importantly, that it will taste even better as it ages! Many companies however will still use juices and purees to flavor their balsamic, as it is less expensive.

Pairing Recommendations:

For a simply amazing combination of flavors, pair this balsamic with our Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! The two most savory and delicious flavors I can think of are White Cheddar and Garlic. Combining them is absolutely out of this world!!!!