Darcey Poppey- “This is the best. Bought it at a craft fair and just ordered more!”

Jeanie Welker- “I really like balsamic vinegar and this brand is so full of flavor. The price is fantastic. I use it for so many things like marinates, and salad dressings. You really can’t go wrong with this product. In fact this is my second purchase and as soon as I use them up I plan to buy it again. Only thing I wish is that they sold them in sets of different flavors. If you like sweet fruity taste you will love these balsamic vinegars.”

Erin Misfeldt- “I bought your olive oil at the aog in la grange. It is fantastic. I don’t need to use very much and it adds a lot of flavor. I think having the spices actually in the bottle makes all the difference. Will be adding more flavors soon?”

Kim Rustin- “Why buy the expensive brands when these are just as amazing?! I lived near Napa where I used to buy flavored vinegars in the farmers markets at a very high price. These are just as great and much less expensive. Thank you!”

Kari Matson- “I love your balsamic. I won’t use any other brand anymore. No added sugar, no preservatives or concentrates. Just balsamic and dried fruit. Haven’t found another like it.”

Kathryn Murphy- “Great tasting oils and vinegars. I especially like how bold and thick the vinegars are. Definitely helps when mixing it up with other foods besides salads. They really do a good job coating the food. No need to reduce. Already a nice thick glaze.”

Stephen Farrar- “Taste is amazing. I love balsamic vinegars but they can sometimes be a little too acidic tasting, the added natural fruits and spices in these vinegars cuts the kind of abrupt acidic taste so that I can use it directly on my salads and other foods without any oils.”

Susan Luciana- “These are so very tasty and work well on my Whole 30 plan because there is no sugar added! I make salad dressing with olive oil, and drizzle on chicken or fish before baking.”

Amy Watson- “My family is in love with balsamic vinegar. They were looking for something unique for gifts and tried this set out. Very good taste, good variety and they love them. Especially with a little olive oil. Definitely will reorder.”

Louise Lovello- “The post office destroyed my shipment. The bottles were leaking. I emailed you and you shipped out everything again right away for me. Thank you so much for your speedy response. Great way to do business I appreciate you. I even posted your product on my Facebook page. Thank you again.”

Aaron Taves- “I bought the mangosteen white balsamic. Thank for including a small bottle of the lemon citrus with it. You are right, they do taste great together.”

Patsy Hardeman- “These balsamic vinegars have a variety of interesting flavors. Gave them as a gift along with a set of flavored olive oils. Great for salads, cooking and provides the opportunity to be really creative. Good value as well!”

Jamie Schneider- “Thank you for upgrading most of my small bottle orders to large bottles. I think it is really great that you are giving people extra food supplies during this forced covid stay in. Everyone is stocking up and my local grocery store was barren. So I really appreciate having the extra to cook with.”

Jessica Belle- “I bought your product at the mulberry street art festival last year. I was disappointed to hear that it was cancelled this year. Your balsamic is delicious and I love that it is all natural. Will you be back in Macon anytime soon for me to sample your new flavors?”

Elaine Davis- “Bold taste. These vinegars are so thick, they pour like a syrup. The flavor goes a long way. Each flavor is so robust and individual. I even buy these in the small bottles to give as gifts to my fellow cooks.”

Eli Shea- “Incredible balsamic at a reasonable cost and I have tried a lot. In my opinion this one is the very best you can get for under $50. Good viscosity and balanced flavor.”

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