Are You A Chicken?

If you are what you eat, are you a chicken? I hope not. I am definitely not a chicken. I will not even let my two dogs eat chicken…including so called free range chicken. Modern industrial farming practices are deplorable for all animals, but chickens especially. Even the so called free range chickens are kept in conditions that would ruin your appetite for life. When we hear free range, we picture chickens strolling around on the prairie, eating grass and insects. Unfortunately, free range only means they are not kept in cages, 30 to a cage. Instead they are housed in a large indoor area, with no room to move and thousands to one area. Because the conditions are so unsanitary, because the chickens cannot move…they are stuck in their own feces all day…diseased and dying….feathers falling off. To combat these untenable conditions, the farmers pump them full of antibiotics in an attempt to keep them alive and growth hormone…to try to fatten them up….despite the fact that they are wasting away and dying. We in turn eat those chickens and everything they put into them.

Unfortunately, growth hormone and antibiotics aren’t the only thing we are putting into our system. Because the chickens are so unhealthy, they have extremely high levels of Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 acids have been attributed to everything from heart disease and arthritis to dementia. The levels of Omega 6 in these chickens are so high, that no amount of fish oil, can even the playing field. Chickens also have no nutritional value anymore, no Vitamin D or vitamins and minerals. They are fed donut by products and they themselves are nutritionally deficient, so they cannot in turnw provide any nutritional value to us either….let alone our four legged friends. Our chicken is even banned in Europe, for all the unhealthy chemicals we put into it, including washing it down with chlorine! I know how hard it is, to avoid eating chicken. It is readily available everywhere and it is cheap. But there is a reason it is so cheap; there are absolute no benefits to eating it anymore but actually great health risks associated with its regular consumption.

There is another reason to cut down on meat and cut out chicken altogether; the environmental impact. The world has almost 10 billion people in it now. Meat is bad for the environment. Livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint. It contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degradation and deforestation. Nowhere is this impact more apparent than climate change! Livestock farming contributes a whopping 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. If we do not change our eating habits, we will literally be responsible for our own extinction and that of the planet as well. The time to act is now, before the damage is irrepairable!

One might try to argue, that meat is a necessary part of a healthy diet. Actually, that thinking is entirely dated and the contrary is actually true. On average vegetarians, live at least 8 years longer than their meat eating counterparts and lead much healthier lives! They do not have the weight problems meat eaters do, the cholesterol problems meat eaters do, the blood pressure problems meat eaters do, the heart disease meat eaters do, they are less likely to get cancer and on and on and on. Considering all the benefits there are to a vegetarian diet, it flat out shocks me that more people aren’t vegetarian. Unfortunately the world is taking a cue from us and eating McDonald’s for every meal instead of rice and vegetables.

The United States has the most advanced health care in the world and yet our average life expectancy isn’t any higher than places like India and China and in fact, is even lower than some third world countries. Our diet and lifestyle is killing us and the planet and the rest of the world seems to be following our ill advised lead. We need to be the ones to make the change for the better. The fate of the world is literally in our hands, as the City on the Hill. Don’t be a chicken. Don’t be any other type of animal really, but especially don’t be a chicken!

Above Pictures: “Free Range Chickens”

The Desperate Bee Garden 2019!

It is more important than ever to promote the livelihood of the ever dwindling bee population. Bees are responsible for pollinating millions of plants each year, many of which are agricultural crops. One out of every three foods that we eat are made possible by bees. Without them, a huge amount of the plants we rely on for food would die off. Combine that with a world population on the brink of 10 billion people worldwide and we need bees now more than ever.

Cosmos Bippinatus

Sadly though, they are dying off. The biggest preventable reason for the current drop in our bee population are the many toxic pesticides Trump has lifted bans on. One of these was a previously banned highly toxic bee killing pesticide that he brought back to life; Sulfoxaflor. He not only lifted the ban on this toxic pesticide, but authorized its dumping and use on over 16 million acres of bee attractive crops!!! The other Chlorpyrifos, actually causes brain damage in children. We haven’t made nearly enough strides in preserving life on this planet and what few strides we have made, Trump is working overtime to deplete. Unfortunately, with all the coverage on his collusion with Russia and the Mueller Report, these environmental atrocities get lost in translation and are not mentioned at all!


So to help we need to 1) vote for a new candidate in 2020 2) grow a bee garden and 3) feed your children organic fruits, free of pesticides and do not allow them to eat school fruit. For the purpose of this post, my focus is on the bee garden. I prefer to plant flowers that stay in bloom for awhile. There is nothing less appealing for a landscape than bunches of dead and dying flowers. It is also best to choose at least three varieties of flower, that bloom at different times of the year to ensure that whether it is spring, summer or fall, there is a much needed feast available for the bees.


This year for my spring bloom, I chose Cosmos Bipinnatus. Bees love cosmos, they are easy to grow and they stay in bloom for a very long time. From seed they typically take about 7 weeks from seed to first bloom. For my summer blooming flower, I chose Zinnias this year. Here again Zinnias are very easy to grow, they stay in bloom for a prolonged period of time and bees and pollinators love them! They are also very colorful. Zinnias take about 60 to 70 days from seed to first bloom.

Lastly and my personal favorite for fall, I chose Goldenrods. Of all the flowers, I think bees and butterflies love these the most. This wildflower grew a few years ago on my front lawn without me even planting them and there were herds of bees and butterflies feeding on them all day long! They are a beautiful vibrant bright yellow color and an excellent last source of pollen before the winter. This flower is also easy to grow, very hardy and drought tolerant. If you want your goldenrods to bloom in the current year, sow them in the spring. Make sure to put the seeds in direct sunlight and do not cover them with soil. The sunlight is paramount to their germination, which will generally occur in about 2 to 3 weeks. For blooms next year sow the seeds in the fall, for blooms in spring. Tell your friends and family, grow a bee garden!

Cosmos Bipinnatus
Zinnia Flower

The Dale Gribble Amazon Equation & The Permanent Eradication of the American Worker

The Dale Gribble Amazon Equation & The Permanent Eradication of the American Worker: Most of us our familiar with the popular 90s show King of the Hill. The character Dale Gribble played the uneducated outlandish conspiracy theorist buffoon. I loved this show. I thought it was funny and it was at the time. It was funny because the Dale Gribbles were few and far between and so you could whole heartedly laugh at his crazy antics. Today however, we have managed to digress and the Dale Gribbles of this world are far more prevalent than the grounded Hank Hill’s. It is no longer a joke but a stark and completely unfunny reality. These Dale Gribbles who buy into and perpetuate fake news are so concerned with their wall and other hateful pipe dreams that Trump has absolutely no intention of fulfilling, that they do not see the impending doom before them.

Trump has his Gribble constituents transfixed on a wall he never intends to build. If he did intend to build it, he would have put a reasonable proposal through when the Republicans had control of both houses. But he doesn’t intend to build the wall. The wall is just the carrot and he is the stick. He is a true illusionist, misdirecting MOST people’s attention from the impending doom and the return to mass poverty, unemployment, poor working conditions and low wages. A return to the days of the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s of the world, owning most the power and wealth and exploiting that to the fullest extent.

This time however the names will be Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos and a change of law or break up of a monopoly won’t change things. It won’t change things because most jobs will be overseas and what jobs are here, will be automated. The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, at the same time as Amazon is poised to put every brick and mortar store out of business (by selling to break even and not paying taxes) is going to permanently and irreparably harm the American economy. There will be no jobs. The Trump’s and Bezos’s of the world, as in the days of old, will own most of the wealth and this time an employee strike will have no effect, as the employees will be bought and paid for machines. There will be no bringing back to life the companies put out of business by Amazon selling for growth and not profit. There will be no bringing back all the jobs outsourced overseas by the “fat cats”. There will be no reverting back to the era of the human worker, once we allow their displacement. That is why something needs done now, before it is too late.

There needs to be a change in law now before every truck driver, factory worker and retail store employee is put out on the streets and put out of a job. There needs to be a change in law now before Jeff Bezos puts every company in America out of business, by selling for growth and not a profit. He is deliberately trying to put his competitors out of business and once he does, he will raise the prices of his products to fit a for profit and not a break even paradigm.

There are two great examples of the morality of Jeff Bezos, or lack thereof. First, before Amazon was huge they participated in a program called iGive that donated over 1% of all sales to charity. They no longer participate in that program, as they no longer have the need to drum up customers. They do have a mediocre substitute at best where they donate a mere half a percent, of select purchases to charity. But very few purchases qualify.

Secondly, a simple call to Amazon customer service will reveal they have already outsourced every job possible. They have only kept the bare minimum number of jobs in the United States. These jobs are factory workers and delivery personnel. But even this will soon change as they are presently working to replace these workers as well. They are looking to automate their factories and replace their delivery drivers with flying drones.

In short, the largest company in America is looking for a select few to control all of the wealth, while offering no jobs to the many whatsoever. To achieve that end Jeff Bezos is currently trying to put all physical stores that do hire people in America, out of business.

The Dale Gribbles of the world are so blinded by their hate, that they are ignoring the real issues and the real problems. I am afraid by the time they wake up, if they wake up at all, that it will be too late to do anything about it. We need to act now. We need to make sure to get a President in office, who doesn’t want to be the next Rockefeller, but actually puts the country first and not his own personal financial aspirations.

Everything Trump has done while in office has been to either save or make himself money. Cutting taxes for the super wealthy only, constitutes large savings for Trump. The disbanding of the EPA and environmental protections, ensures Trump can pollute anywhere from our drinking water to protected wildlife areas with endangered species as inhabitants, again saving him money. It is more expensive for his companies to dispose of harmful chemicals and pollutants properly. He would rather dump them in the water like PG&E Hinkley and have the laws to back it up that make it legal for him to poison people and animals. In all this time, those are the ONLY things Trump has accomplished, if you do not have a soul and can even call those things accomplishments. Nothing is sacred to Trump, less his personal fortune.

It is very likely that the day is coming where Amazon will put all brick and mortar stores out of business and the few jobs that do exist, will be automated or outsourced. Immigrants aren’t the problem. The Trump’s and Bezos’s of the world trying to eliminate the need to hire and pay anyone at all, is the REAL problem. Almost all jobs in the entire country are at risk of being outsourced or automated; truck drivers, uber drivers, cab drivers, factory workers, retail store employees and anyone employed by a company who has mostly brick and mortar locations. That is a huge chunk of the populous!

Unfortunately, I think hate and ignorance will be the prevailing theme in America until it is too late and as a result we will see a collapse in the economy and jobs that we will never recover from. But you can fight and spread the word. Support a diverse array of businesses. Cut down on Amazon purchases and spending. Most importantly, elect politicians who aren’t afraid to fight big business, on the permanent and absolute eradication of the American worker!!!!

Sign The Petition To Ban Puppy Mills: The Animal Legal Defense Fund

ban puppy mills

Sign the ban puppy mills petition below! Puppy mills are cruel and see animals as cash crops — breeding mother dogs constantly, regardless of their health or veterinary needs,” says Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells. Constant confinement, malnutrition, exposure, inadequate medical care and the killing, starving and abandoning of mothers who can no longer breed, there is no doubt this is one of the most cruel practices still in existence in America today.

Today the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the nation’s preeminent legal advocacy organization for animals, filed a lawsuit against the Animal Kingdom pet store and purported rescue groups Bark Adoptions and Rescue Pets Iowa, for engaging in a puppy laundering scheme to unlawfully circumvent the California law that bans the sale of dogs from commercial breeders, commonly called puppy mills. This is a real step forward for not only those dogs constantly caged and mistreated in puppy mills, but also for the 1.2 million adoptable dogs euthanized each year!

The law which was broken, went into effect on January 1, 2019. It requires pet stores to obtain animals only from public animal control agencies, animal shelters, or federally registered 501(c)(3) rescue groups that do not obtain animals from breeders or brokers for compensation. Read what PETA has to say about puppy mills.…/a…/puppy-mills-dogs-abused-pet-trade/

“Retail pet sales bans, like California’s, are intended to combat puppy mills and their deplorable practices. Attempts to circumvent these laws will not go unchallenged by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.”

California was the first state to pass a pet retail sale ban in 2017, with Maryland following in 2018. Many major cities have instituted similar laws, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. SIGN THE PETITION TO BAN PUPPY MILLS! Help the Animal Legal Defense Fund take the fight to your city or state!


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Save Orcas: Plastic in our oceans is a huge problem. Billions of pounds of plastics and trash, pollute our oceans every year and the culmination of these years… resulting in excessive and harmful build up that is threatening the future of the ocean itself! Between the billions of pounds of plastics dumped in what should be fertile coral reefs and Trump rolling out pollution and rolling back the protections granted by the marine mammal act and trying to rid the world of marine monuments and refuge areas so there isn’t a single place in the world his companies can’t pollute; the outlook is bleak.

But Oceana if you follow our posts, is working to combat these mounting problems and so is 4Ocean. 4Ocean’s sole mission and job is to pick up plastic from the ocean. To date, they have picked up 4 million pounds of trash from the Ocean and yet they still have only scratched the surface, because 16 BILLION pounds is added each year. So there is still much work to be done! This month only you can purchase their Orca bracelet for only $20. This $20 will support picking up one pound of trash out of the ocean and go to help the Orca Conservancy, which protects endangered killer whales, such as the Right Whale. Save Orcas! Visit to get your bracelet today!

Write your local Congressman today and let them know that you do not support the roll back of the marine mammal protection act and the desecration of marine monuments! #BreakFreeFromThePlasticPledge, #4Ocean, #4Orcas


La Jolla, California: A California Sea Lion with it’s neck wrapped in plastic hauls out on the rocks, the animal is having trouble eating because the marine debris around it’s neck has restricted it’s throat and the seal can no longer eat or swallow fish as a result.

Break Free From Plastic! If there are no social media share link icons below, click on the above title #BreakFreeFromThePlasticPledge to help and share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit:

The National Academy of Sciences estimated that 16 billion pounds of garbage was being dumped into the ocean every year. That’s more than 1.5 million pounds per hour. Please help Oceana to save our beautiful oceans from becoming the worlds landfill! Don’t let anymore ocean life, succumb to the fate of this penguin or seal! Break Free From Plastic! #BreakFreeFromThePlasticPledge

Flavor of The Week: Basil

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Try our Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today! Cold pressed and full of fresh dehydrated basil, which infuses this olive oil daily and makes it even more flavorful with each passing day! This herbal oil is ideal for Italian and Mediterranean dishes or on a salad, with our Roasted Green Onion Balsamic Vinegar! Enter code 4on40, to save $4 on orders $40 or more!

basil extra virgin olive oil
basil olive oil


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Save Marine Mammals! Tell your member of Congress to #DefendMarineMammals by rejecting legislation that would weaken the Marine Mammal Protection Act, allowing for pollution in the last few places not traumatized by the 16 billion pounds of trash added to the ocean each year! And yet, Trump supports more pollution, in more places and aims to end Marine Mammal Protection and Marine Monuments and areas of refuge. Only Accomplishment to Date: Making America Toxic Again.

Please write your local congressman today! Make it hard for them not to care and remind them of the lasting damage they could permanently do to our environment and the world, if they don’t fight to save the last truly majestic and mesmerizing parts of it! Persistence is key and the only way anything gets accomplished in a bureaucracy! Don’t just mail one letter, mail twenty! Make them vote out of conscious and not fear of reprisal or job loss, if they do not go along with whatever ludicrous agenda happens to be on the docket! #DefendMarineMammals

Great New Flavor: White Cheddar Balsamic Vinegar

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White Cheddar Balsamic Vinegar is our newest flavor! Best served chilled, it is absolutely delicious on salads, drizzled over vegetables like broccoli and can even be used to glaze, tenderize and flavor a nice juicy steak! What dish doesn’t taste amazing with the added taste of cheese?! Enter code 7on60, to save $7 on orders $60 or more.

white cheddar cheese balsamic vinegar glaze
white cheddar cheese balsamic vinegar glaze


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Protect The Arctic! This is unacceptable! Oil and gas industrialization would destroy one of the last truly intact wilderness areas on Earth. Trump has openly and specifically approved the harming of whales by big oil, after having mandated cars be LESS fuel efficient, increasing our dependence on oil and his future profits.

That is all any of his atrocious environmental policy is about. Future money to be made, not for the country, but for Trump and a select few. Not only will whales be adversely effected by Trumps advocacy of oil drilling, in protected arctic wildlife areas…..but it will be detrimental and hazardous to the health and survival of polar bears as well!

That’s why Earthjustice is fighting to #ProtectTheArctic. Please help the cause! You can make a difference!

Adverse Effects of Climate Change & Overfishing

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Climate Change and Overfishing: A truly staggering rise in temperature has caused chaos in the seas. Dangerous microbes and cholera-carrying bacteria are breeding in warmer waters, along with toxic algae, which could poison fish and the humans that eat them. Coral reefs that provide the habitat for a quarter of the world’s marine species are dying; species including turtles and seabirds. Fish are being driven into cooler waters towards the poles. Not only fish, but according to Forbes climate change could kill of the clouds and return us to a ‘hothouse’ Earth.

More than 30 percent of the world’s fisheries have been pushed beyond their biological limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them. Several important commercial fish populations have declined to the point where their survival as a species is threatened. Target fishing of top predators, such as tuna and groupers, is changing marine communities, which leads to an abundance of smaller marine species, such as sardines and anchovies. Like tuna, many species of fish are now endangered and face the risk of extinction due to overfishing. What our marine systems need are environmental laws, policies and safeguards that point out how much fishing is legal and required.

Many species of fish are now endangered and face the risk of extinction due to overfishing. What our marine systems need are environmental laws, policies and safeguards that point out how much fishing is legal and required.

Overfishing is not the only disaster effecting fish populations. It seems to be caused by a “perfect storm” created by both over fishing and climate change. Valuable species of shellfish have become harder to find on the East Coast because of degraded habitats caused by a warming environment. One of the ways warming has negatively impacted shellfish is by making them more susceptible to predators. Their predation rate is faster in the warmer waters. Their numbers have significantly decreased.

Also due to climate change, the distribution of zooplankton has been negatively impacted. Plankton are an important source of food for larger animals. Phytoplankton are the first link in the food chain. They are known as primary producers because they produce the first forms of food. Zooplankton and other small animals that graze on the phytoplankton are known as primary consumers. These, in turn, become food for larger organisms such as bivalves, crustaceans and fish. The fish and other animals then become food for animals near the top of the food chain, such as harbor seals and man. So in the end it will very negatively impact us all.

So people who don’t care about animals and the environment, need to be concerned about how these drastic changes will effect even them in the end. Please take action to prevent the mass devastation this will cause and try and save all the majestic inhabitants of our oceans, by trying to prevent and reverse the further adverse effects of continued overfishing and climate change! Help Oceana Today!! You can make a difference!

Read more:

Great New Flavor: Roasted Garlic White Balsamic

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Roasted Garlic White Balsamic Vinegar, our great new flavor! Potent garlic flavor, with the light subtle and savory taste of White Balsamic! Delicious! Drizzle over asparagus, roasted vegetables, salmon, chicken or scalloped potatoes! Golden Buckeyes or other extremely wise Americans, 65 years wise or more….enter code senior ten, to save ten percent on your order today!

white balsamic vinegar
roasted garlic white balsamic vinegar glaze

Make America Toxic Again

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I am for saving endangered species, wildlife and the environment and that is by definition; the anti-trump! People need to start taking a stand for what they believe in! Trump has worked to open the protected Arctic wildlife refuge for oil drilling, acted to lift protections on endangered species such as wolves and giraffes, appointed a coal lobbyist as head of the republican created EPA, mandated cars be LESS fuel efficient (increasing our dependence on oil) and proposed legal polluting and dumping of chemical waste into drinking water. It costs companies money to dispose of waste properly. No doubt it will save Trump thousands when he is a civilian again, if he can just legally dump waste into the ground like PG&E Hinkley did.

Everything Trump has done while in office, has been to personally save or make himself money. So if you want a world full of wonder, with diverse species and wildlife for your children, with clean breathable air…..that means not making the same mistakes in 2020….that we did in 2016. Make sure to register to vote! Help Earthjustice fight these drastically permanent changes Trump is hoping to inflict on our endangered species, wildlife, the environment and our drinking water.

If the only reason you voted for him was a wall, it is just his metaphorical carrot and he is the stick. He led his fanatics with a stick and a carrot, not to lush water but a barren smog ridden wasteland. If he was serious about building the wall, he would have put it through back when Republicans held the majority in both houses, but he did not.

He hit an all time low for a politician and took advantage of the profound prejudice and hate in this country. He used it to get the vote and get in office, so he would be free to pursue his real agendas; lowering taxes for the super wealthy only a.k.a. himself and making pollution legal by lifting environmental protections on protected land, animals and drinking water. His own advisors are telling him something needs done about climate change. But he cannot acknowledge their findings, even though he knows they are correct, because it would get in the way of his most important mission… Make America Toxic Again!

Help Block the Trump Agenda. The NDRC is joining the fight!
The Trump administration’s assault on our environment and health is unlike any threat we’ve ever faced.

Sign Petition to help Protect the Endangered Gray Wolf

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Sign the Petition to Help The Endangered Gray Wolf! Acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, under the direction of President Trump, just announced a proposal to strip federal Endangered Species Act protections for wolves and other animals across nearly the entire lower-48 states. This will drastically reverse gray wolf recovery in the United States. Earthjustice will use every tool in the toolbox to fight this anti-science , anti-wildlife policy. Help Earthjustice and! Please stand up to the systematic destruction of progress and the killing of endangered species! You can make a difference! If you are really serious about helping the gray wolf, visit the Earthjustice website and donate today Or click here to sign the petition to save the endangered gray wolf!

COUPONS For Seniors & Others

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Radiant Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, our most popular flavor! Very flavorful, with potent raspberry flavor and a wonderfully fruity aroma! Amazing paired with our Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Makes an excellent dressing for arugula or spinach salads! 65 years wise or wiser, enter code senior10, to receive your 10 percent discount today. No minimum purchase required to use the senior discount. Not so wise? Try codes 4on40, 7on60, 10on80 or 15on100 to receive $4 off orders $40 or more….$7 off orders $60 or more…….$10 off orders $80 or more……. and $15 off orders $100 or more.

raspberry vinegar
radiant raspberry balsamic vinegar

Sign The Petition to Ban the Trade of Shark Fins: #FinBanNow

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Sign this petition and tell congress to ban the shark fin trade! How horrible is it that these majestic fish are killed just for their fins and then tossed back in the water dead! Approximately 73 million sharks are killed each year by finning! From 1580 to 2007 there have only been 64 death of humans by sharks. Last year alone, humans killed 73 million sharks! Atrocious. Help Stop It! #FinBanNow. Tell Congress to ban the trade of shark fins! Go to to sign the petition.

Flavor of the Week: Orchard Apple

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Our Orchard Apple Balsamic Vinegar is THE most flavorful balsamic we have! A little definitely goes a LONG way! Bursting with the flavor of fresh orchard apples, enjoy on a salad with walnuts, fresh apple slices and feta cheese….and you will have an apple walnut salad that is out of this world!! For a savory taste, pair with our Cinnamon Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a rich and tantalizing glaze tailor made for honey baked ham, pork and baked chicken! It is absolutely delicious!! Enter code 7on60 to save $7 on orders $60 or more!

orchard apple balsamic vinegar
apple vinegar

Proudly Supporting: Earth Justice & The Center for Biological Diversity & The Animal Legal Defense Fund

Proudly Supporting: Earth Justice: Preserving Magnificent Places and Wildlife, with 1% of all online purchases.

Proudly Supporting The Center for Biological Diversity: Protecting the World’s Endangered Plants, Animals & The Ocean (From Trump), with 1% of all online purchases.

Proudly Supporting: The Animal Legal Defense Fund: Working to Change U.S. Animal Protection Laws, with 1% of all online purchases. (If there are no social media share link icons below, click on above title Proudly Supporting: Earth Justice & The Center for Biological Diversity & The Animal Legal Defense Fund To Help & Share post on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.)